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End of Product Life for Ingenico iSelf Series PCI PTS V4 devices

The payments industry is constantly changing and evolving, which is what makes it so exciting. However, it’s essential we continue to adapt in order to offer the best products and services. At Worldnet, we keep our partners and merchants updated with the latest payment technology and processes so they may deliver the best payments experience to their customers. As innovation continues to elevate, products change and periodically get sun-setted as a result.

 Ingenico Announces EOL for iSelf Series PCI PTS V4 Devices

The end of a product life cycle may occur because of market demands, development changes or product maturity. Products are then replaced by newer and better technology. Ingenico North America Region is announcing the end-of-life cycle of the iSelf Series PCI PTS V4 devices. The iSelf Series devices, which are Telium-2 based and PCI PTS V4 certified, will expire April 30, 2023. The intention of this notice is to allow customers a one-year period to transition to upgraded technology.

Reasons for EOL:

  • The iSelf terminal are PCI PTS v4 and can’t evolve to PCI PTS v5
  • The iSelf Series products are Telium 2 based and hard to maintain
  • The Next Generation Tetra (Self Series) is now available

Products impacted: all iSelf PCI PTS V4 terminals: iUP250, iUR250, iUC150B, iUC250, iUI120, iUR255, iUC150B, iUC280, iUC285, iUC160

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Worldnet and our partners are here to make your transition to the latest products easier. Ingenico’s Self-Series is a great alternative and a major upgrade for terminals with the latest unattended technology.

Your Partners in Unattended Solutions: UCP & Worldnet  


We’re known for the partnerships we build and nurture. Together with our long-time partners at Unattended Card Payments Inc (UCP) we’re aligned in our mission to deliver EMV compliant hardware and integrated payment gateway solutions for attended and unattended card payment terminals in the North American market. 

The latest win in our partnership is being able to offer our customers the ​​new Ingenico Self 7000 & 8000 which were released earlier this year as an extension to the Self-Series. With the launch of its Self-Modular – the world’s first unattended terminal PCI PTS v6 certified – Ingenico is uniquely positioned to offer one the most comprehensive and innovative unattended solutions, covering all verticals - such as vending, EV charging, transportation, parking, and ticketing kiosks, for both indoor and outdoor use cases. 

With Worldnet Payments being the first integrated payments platform to complete a Level III EMV and Contactless certification of the Self Series, we realize the advantage we have when it comes to offering the best products to our customers. 

The Transition

The transition from the iSelf PCI PTS V4 terminals to the Self Series will require minimal effort and should be a fairly easy process. Although this is a new integration, the devices use the same software development kit. The process is as simple as creating a test account and testing with the new devices. The experts, engineers, and developers here at Worldnet are available to help with this transition. In the coming weeks, we will be sending out resources and creating educational content to help with this process. 

Reasons to Switch 

  • Minimal effort to transition
  • Availability due to supply chain issues 
  • Increase your engagement at the POS 
  • More technical support on upgraded devices
  • Device durability: Battle tested for all environments 
  • Increased security option with pin only devices

Besides the advantages of having the newest technology, another reason to not delay the transition to the Self Series devices is the issue with the lead times and the supply chain on the IUC285. The Self Series devices are known for their high durability, which makes them suitable for all environments and ideal for both indoor and outdoor use cases. The technical and model features of the upgraded devices offer more features as well, such as the option to accept pin only and screens on the devices that will allow the customers to engage more. Device screens can be used for brand advertisement and promotional purposes, which are very useful for businesses across all markets. As the support and production of the PCI PTS V4 Devices decline, we strongly encourage merchants to switch to a more up-to-date model that not only allows us to support them when needed, but also creates a better payment experience for their customers. 

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