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Worldnet Partners With IDTech To Provide EMV® Support To Unattended Retail Outlets

Atlanta, Ga / Dublin, Ireland, 24 September 2018: To support the growth of unattended retail outlets across the US, Worldnet, a leading provider of omni-channel payment solutions and ID TECH, the global leader in payment peripheral technology, have completed the first EMV® certification of the IDTECH VP 3300 OEM to First Data.

The ‘VP3300 OEM’ is IDTECH’s leading product for the rapidly expanding unattended sector, which is driven by IoT innovations to provide “intelligent retail” for an increasingly diverse set of products. With the help of IDTECH’s VP3300 OEM hardware and Worldnet’s technology, companies using First Data’s payments network now have the capability to accept EMV®-compliant payments with ease through the certification.

The unattended space that Worldnet and IDTECH are honing in on is not the traditional vending machines or kiosks, the unattended space that IDTECH VP 3300 will impact is in-store booths, AI assisted shopping, checkout-free stores, intelligent retail – solutions that mean customers can interact with merchants more quickly  and spend less time standing in-line or dealing with employees.

“Traditionally the unattended space has lagged behind the rest of the market from a technology and payments perspective.”  said John Clarke, Head of Product Innovation at Worldnet. “But there has been a huge investment in this area in the last few years, bringing in the latest in technology.  This is a sector that Worldnet have focused on, because it has different payment requirements from standard Retail.  Unattended needs specialised payment solutions, both from the type of transactions supported, and the EMV® certifications required.  Through our partnership with IDTECH and certification from First Data, we enable companies in the unattended space to accept all payments without requiring a complex, time and cost-intensive EMV® certification process.”

Worldnet has seen a rapid transition in the way consumers complete transactions and have teamed up with innovative leaders like IDTECH to ensure they allow companies to accept secure payments from various channels.

“IDTECH’s line of products like the VP3300 OEM is created to ensure our customers are given the opportunity to accept multiple forms of payments, especially as the unattended space continues to evolve,” said Bill Rorick, Vice President of Business Development at ID TECH. “Completing the certification with Worldnet and First Data provides our customers with the most efficient way to present an omnichannel payment infrastructure that is continually adapting to the latest trends and solutions in the industry.”


About Worldnet Payments

Worldnet Payments develops frictionless payments solutions for independent software vendors. The company’s omni-channel platform is used to deliver expert solutions in industries such as unattended retail, transportation and services. Worldnet’s flexible approach enables businesses to deliver a customized payment experience to their customers, including tailored workflows, branding and centralized reporting and analytics. The highly scalable cloud platform provides an advanced range of EMV-enabled products and services across channels including eCommerce, Mobile, PoS and iPoS.

For more information about Worldnet Payments, please call (470) 372-1601 or fill in the form on this page. 


ID TECH is a world-recognized leader in the design and manufacture of secure payment solutions, ranging from PCI-certified PIN-entry devices, state-of-the-art contactless/NFC payment devices to EMV® and Magstripe readers. For more than 30 years, ID TECH has built a reputation based on technical excellence, innovation, and a commitment to superior customer service. Headquartered in Cypress, California, USA (with additional engineering centers in Fremont, California, Shanghai, China and Taoyuan City, Taiwan), ID TECH is an industry leader in delivering payment solutions across the globe.

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