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Worldnet Secure Token

What Is It?

Secure Token was designed by Worldnet to provide online merchants with the ability to store customer card details in a secure and PCI-compliant manner on the Worldnet processing platform.

Secure Token eliminates the need for merchants to store card details locally on their own systems, avoiding the significant systems and financial overhead of managing their own PCI compliance and registration processes.

By using Secure Token from Worldnet to store cardholder details a merchant can access the stored card details through a ‘token’ cardholder number to generate cardholder payments for both ad-hoc and recurring payments.

How It Works?

On registering a card, the merchant is provided with a Secure Token number which they can use in place of the actual card details. Secure Token is a technology that enables a unique identifier or ‘token’ to replace a credit card number for online payment transactions.


The Secure Token number can be stored on the merchant databases without any PCI security implications and is automatically accessed to generate ad-hoc payments, pre-defined installment or subscription payments.

Secure Token is designed for merchants who want to:
  • Allow customers to make subsequent purchases without having to re-enter card details.
  • Retain cardholder details without the overhead of managing their own PCI compliance.
  • Facilitate recurring transactions.
  • Provide subscription-based payments.
Benefits of Secure Token

Benefits of Securecard

Sectors Using Secure Token
  • Retail / Insurance / Travel and Entertainment / Hotels
  • Car Rental / Media / Clubs and Societies / Software Development
  • And many more!


You can find the downloadable product sheet for Secure Token by clicking on the button below!

 Secure Token Product Sheet


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