As of April 2022, Worldnet Payments is now part of the Payroc family, helping ISVs worldwide solve complex payments problems and unify their payment channels in a single, powerful platform. Payroc, a global payments leader, serves more than 125,000 merchants in over 45 markets.

A Quick Guide to Integrating Worldnet Plugins



Worldnet is a secure transaction processing service, enabling your business to authorize and process credit/debit card transactions, in real-time, via the internet. Worldnet also offers a wide range of shopping cart payment plugins and product API’s for use with websites or back-end applications.



We are a team of young software developers and our primarily focus is developing and maintaining solutions to allow you to connect your shop with our payment gateway. We are working on different projects ranging from simple one-off payments, recurring payments, credit card storage, up to very complex solutions for large organisations across the globe. We value all our clients and we always do our best to meet their expectations and needs.

We offer a wide range of solutions for different eCommerce platforms. Our hosted payment page solutions allow merchants and developers to integrate their platforms quickly and easily with our gateway.



Hosted Payment Page (HPP) – Most of the businesses may prefer the hosted payment option which enables you to offer to your customers a secure, real-time credit card payment services. The customer is simply redirected to the Worldnet secure page, which can be fully customised to look and feel like the rest of a merchant’s website.

We offer our payment plugins free of charge, while constantly do research on our existing plugins and solutions as we recognise ever-changing environment and we always want to deliver most up-to-date solutions.

Check out our the available plugins list on the Worldnet Documentation website.



Once you’ve chosen our payment gateway, integrating it into your eCommerce platform is easy. You, or your developer, can quickly integrate your shopping cart in just 3 or 4 simple steps – an example of integration is shown below.

For this example, we present our WooCommerce plugin.

1) Go to plugins and search for Worldnet Payment Gateway


2) After Installing click on Activate Button to activate our plugin


3) After activating you will see Worldnet secure payment method




Since the global eCommerce market is expanding rapidly, the number of eCommerce platforms and content management systems available is growing as well. Therefore, figuring out which shopping cart to use when you’re looking to build your online store can be a tricky task – especially if you aren’t from a technical background.

So here we make your life easier by guiding you through the ‘easier to integrate’ payment plugins:


WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin used for building eCommerce websites on the WordPress platform. It’s easy to install, setup and integrate. Very user friendly, cost effective for smaller businesses and has good number of themes available. It supports refunds and multicurrency option for merchants.


Opencart is another open source CMS for eCommerce. This cart has a user-friendly interface. It gives a good number of features that helps to customise your store. Easy to integrate with payment gateways and shipping modules. It is rich in features like multicurrency, have third party module for refunds, and card tokenisation. It offers free community and commercial support.


CS-Cart is also a very user friendly and supports easy integration with plugins. It includes a built-in layout editor, powerful admin panel and an easy to deal with backend system. It offers a variety of payment gateways and processors to choose from.


Despite the solution you choose, we will guide you through the process of integration. The majority of solutions are user-friendly, we will direct you to our online Knowledge Base where you can find our integration guide, sample codes and testing guide. Here is a link to our knowledge base:

For any further queries please contact our Support Team at, we will be glad to assist you.

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