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SecureCard is now Secure Token

Our popular SecureCard product is evolving, and we’ve decided to give it a new name. Introducing Secure Token. 

Along with this name change, we’ve updated SelfCare making it easier to register and lookup tokenized card details. 

SelfCare - Secure Tokens

Here's a quick look at all that's changed:

  • Secure Cards Menu:
    We’ve renamed the Secure Cards menu to Secure Tokens. Find all your tokenized cards in one location.

SelfCare - Secure Tokens

  • Improved Search Capabilities: Find secure tokens faster by utilizing multiple search filters. You can combine, remove, and add filters that work for you.
  • Expiring Cards: Want to know what cards are expiring soon? Check out the new filter 'Expiring Within' in the Multiple Field Search.

SelfCare - Expiring Cards

  • Action's Menu: In addition to editing or deleting a secure token, you can now easily perform Sales, Pre-Auths, or generate new subscriptions from the Secure Token listing.

Secure Tokens - Action Menu

  • Save Searches: Have search criteria that you use often? You can now save your search criteria for future use.
  • Card Brands: Credit Card logos are now used for quick visualization of the card type.
  • Last transactions: View the last 5 transactions performed on a secure card and easily view the transaction details, without having to go into Closed Batch.

Secure Tokens - Last Transactions

  • Validation Indicator: Cards that have been validated will have a green border to indicate that the card number or the CVV has been verified.

Secure Token - Validation Indicator

  • Export Results: You can now select the fields you would like to include when exporting your search results.

Secure Token - Export Data as CSV

Please note, these changes do not impact any Secure Cards that you have already registered with Worldnet and no changes are required from your side. 

There are a couple of features that were removed from SelfCare, as these features were not utilized by our customers.

  • Search by Card Type
  • Search by Start and End Date

If you have any questions, please click below to contact our support team.

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Get a sneak peek by logging into your test account now. These changes will be implemented in production in mid-February 2022.



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