As of April 2022, Worldnet Payments is now part of the Payroc family, helping ISVs worldwide solve complex payments problems and unify their payment channels in a single, powerful platform. Payroc, a global payments leader, serves more than 125,000 merchants in over 45 markets.

"Self-Serve Experiences Are Driving the Future of Payments"

As worldly circumstances and technological advancements influence consumer behavior, independent software vendors have an opportunity to deliver new technology to help businesses transition to a seamless payment experience. Worldnet’s newest whitepaper,“Self-Serve Experiences Are Driving the Future of Payments”: How to Embrace Bigger Opportunities to Reach More Customers”, takes a deeper dive into unattended payments and contactless payments solutions. 

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Why is Unattended Payment So Hot ?

  • Online stores and unattended retail environments have experienced significant growth during the pandemic and sales are projected to top 100 billion by 2026. 

Meeting Consumer Expectations with Contactless Payment Solutions

  • Digital wallets have become one of the most used forms of payments in the past few years. This payment environment is a gateway for new innovation for consumers to have a convenient, contactless payment experience.

Finding A Future Ready Payments Partner 

  • One of the challenges ISVs are facing in the payments world is finding the right payments partner that understands and provides new innovation that will adapt to the demand of the consumers. 

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"Find a partner on the payment side, because payments is a completely different discipline than point of sale. You don't want to be dealing with one payment partner for eCommerce, one for in-store, and one for unattended or mobile solution. You need one relationship with a partner who can solve those complex integration problems to create a superior solution." 

 -John Clarke, CEO, Worldnet Payments  

The right gateway partner is a vital factor of creating an elite payments experience for the consumer. They are able to not only give solutions, but they can effectively simplify implementation and troubleshooting issues. Worldnet Payments possess multiple all-in-one solutions to satisfy a variety of complex payment issues. Along with more than 15 years in the industry, we offer unique expertise and specialized solutions to create a tailored experience for any demand. 

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